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Sup my dudes, welcome to the game, tumblr died so i ran away.
You can calI me Zure, I draw SFW at day and NSFW at night, I will be here only at night.

Every character potrayed is 18+, every act is consensual. Minors pls do not enter the gallery


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SilverZure's Commissions Info

Posted by silverzure - December 18th, 2018

Alright, time to share the commission chart info here, yay.

SFW and NSFW Details go under



Sketch: $7

Colored Sketch: $12

Flat color: $25

Full color: $35

+$10 for background

+$5 for each additional character

+5 for PSD/SAI file

+5 for Speedpaint video



Sketch: $12

Colored Sketch: $17

Flat color: $30

Full color: $40

+$10 for background

+$5 for each additional character

If you are interested, follow the next steps:

-Contact me via PM so we can chat about the commission

-I will need a visual reference of what you want [character desing and colors]. If you have a pose/idea in 

mind please tell me so I can work with that.

-You have to pay me before I get started. No refunds!

-Payment will be done throught Paypal, I will give you the e-mail to pay and send you an invoice.

-Once payment its done I'll work on your commission, I’ll try to finish it in about a week [7 days]. You can ask about how is the commission process doing and I will give you updates.

-I will give you the finished commission before post it on my social media, unless you don’t want me to. You can post the commission too! Just remember to credit me.

-If something goes wrong, I will edit your image up to a max of 3 times.

I will draw: 

Basic: OCs, Fanart, Shipping [M/W, M/M, W/W, Any Gender/Any Gender], Humans, Mobians, Furries/Anthro, FNaF, Mechas [Not too detailed], Gijinkas, as long there is a reference I can draw that.

Kink related: Tentacles, Master/Pet, BDSM, Oral, Collars/Chokers,Consensual, Cum inflation, Light Stuffing, Sex Toys, Masturbation, Squrting, Orgasm Denial, Lazy sex, Casual sex, Somniophilia.

I won’t draw:

Basic: Complex mecha, Offensive content, Incest, Pedophilia, Selfcest* (Direct selfcest, variations of the same character can be conversable)

Kink related: scat, diapers, watersports, zoophilia, any kind of incest, underage porn, cubs, children/adult characters, vore, scent, guro, bestiallity, foot jobs, pregnancy as a kink, vomit, anal gaping, non-con, urethral penetration, all the way through, vaginal/anal prolapse.

If there is a kink/idea you have but is not on the list, you can always ask, no compromises

Thank you!

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That sfw section is collecting dust press f to pay respects